Polestar Payroll partner up with ISYS Group

Polestar Payroll are pleased to announce our partnership with Isys Group.  Giving businesses a solution for integrating outsourced payroll with Time and Attendance systems, Polestar Payroll and Isys group now offer more flexibility for businesses to choose solutions that fit their requirements.

About Isys Group

Isys Group is a full service workforce management company, in addition to developing powerful software in-house Isys provide all the required professional services to ensure a successful project — including installation, training and ongoing support.

Isys' time and attendance system provides accurate and up to the moment information on staff working records with a wide range of possible data capture hardware to suit any environment including mobile. This coupled with the inbuilt reporting functionality greatly enhances management analysis, reduces over payment and removes human error from the equation.

Flexibility is at the heart of all Isys products enabling you to select the ideal solution to fit your business - pick the hardware required and the professional services as required to meet your project management, installation, training and support needs. Isys software is built to integrate seamlessly allowing you to build a complete solution including Access Control, Human Resources, Scheduling and more!

Posted: 01 October 2013