Welcome to Polestar Payroll

Polestar has been providing outsourced payroll services to accountancy firms and other business partners for more than 25 years. It’s actually all we do and we do it really well.

For many businesses outsourcing is fast becoming the preferred method for dealing with payroll as it eliminates cost and hassle and allows businesses to streamline their resources. Accountants are often asked to provide payroll services but since it is rarely one of their core services this can present quite a challenge.

Outsourced payroll for accountants

By outsourcing to Polestar you can offer a comprehensive payroll service to all your clients whatever their requirement. From an annual scheme for a single employee, to a weekly payroll for hundreds of individuals we have the experience and expertise to deliver whatever your clients need. In fact because our systems allow you to generate income from payroll you might even want to consider taking on payroll-only clients.

Polestar understands the importance of the relationships that you have built with your clients. Our white-label service ensures that all communications are packaged to look as though they are coming directly from you and you are kept informed at key stages in the payroll process.

A great payroll service, happy clients, additional profit and peace of mind – which makes very sound financial sense!